Sunny Leone

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Two years ago, Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber adopted little Nisha Kaur Weber. 
Two years ago, Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber adopted little Nisha Kaur Weber. 
Last year, they completed their family with their twin boys, Noah and Asher, coming into their lives. Now, as the mother of three gets ready to celebrate her second Mother’s Day with her daughter and her first with the boys in Jaipur, where she is shooting for a show, she tells After Hrs that the most important thing for her is to spend quality time with her beautiful kids...
Together forever
“Both last year and this, I’m working on Mother’s Day. When you work in the field of entertainment, the best thing is just being able to be together. The whole family is here with me in Jaipur. I’m a simple person and I don’t need anything extra. I’m just happy to be spending time with them.”
Motherhood tales
“Being a mother has made me feel much more than I ever expected to. This morning, we were all out in the pool area of the villa where I am shooting. There was music and dancing. One of my boys was with me while another was in the pool. The way they would look at me, it’s enough to make any mother feel overwhelmed with love. They are so beautiful.”
Diverse personalities
“They have such different personalities. Noah has been walking for some time and he’s always on the move.  He’s also expressive verbally, about what he wants or where he wants to be taken. Asher is a little bit more chilled out. He has just started walking and is still figuring things out. He’s just a doll. As for Nisha, I did a lot of research on how to handle a toddler around newborns and she’s been absolutely amazing. She’s so loving and caring.”
Three to tango
“The boys get so much attention because they are little babies. With Nisha, we spent a lot of time to ensure she always felt special. She has her own activities, but we also make her spend time with the boys. They go to the park together, have walks and the twins go to the playschool to pick her up. The first time they did that, she displayed the sense that these are ‘my brothers’ and this is ‘my family’. She was showing them off, and it was so sweet. She helps to change their diapers, gives them a bath, reads to them and plays with them.”
A different world now 
“Many moms ask me how do I handle all of this. It’s because I want to. I want to work, yes, but I also want to be able to cook breakfast for them. Today, I took over one side of the egg station in the restaurant kitchen because I wanted to make them banana wheat pancakes. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen with a well-known  chef and I said, ‘I need to make the boys some food’. That was right before I went into hair and make-up! So, I just want to be here for them.”