Game of Thrones' Season 8

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After watching the latest episode all I could repeatedly say is 'WTF?!' This was something unexpected and something no one wished for - yes I am talking about people onscreen and of the screen too. 

After watching the latest episode all I could repeatedly say is 'WTF?!' This was something unexpected and something no one wished for - yes I am talking about people onscreen and of the screen too. 

What all theories people thought in this one week turned out rumours as makers made sure that people will put on their thinking caps but not get to the point straight away. This is one of those episodes in which I can't decide whether I hated it or liked it.

The episode starts with Varys getting a message from one of his informers, a kid named Martha telling about Daenerys Targaryen sulking over the death of her kid Rhaegal and Missandei. He is seen writing about the true heir to the Iron Throne when his informer conveys him the message.
Soon after that, he is seen walking with Jon Snow and Varys tells him that only he can rule the Seven Kingdoms. Jon yet again says Dany is his Queen. Tyrion after witnessing the conversation between Jon and Varys heads to see Dany, who is seen in a bad state. 
She tells Tyrion how Jon betrayed her by telling everyone about his true identity. However, Tyrion says it was him who told Varys. And then comes the full circle, Jon told Sansa, Sansa told Tyrion and Tyrion detailed it out to Varys, the Master of Whisperers. Thus, Dany comes to the conclusion that it was Jon who betrayed her as he started the chain.
After having enough of Varys and his treasons, Dany finally decides to rest him in peace and orders Drogon 'Dracarys', you know what I mean!
Soon after that, Tyrion requests Dany to fight the war but not burn the city and kill off innocent people. The Hand of the Queen even requests her that once they bell the ring, it means Cersei Lannister and her army have surrendered, so no fight will take place. Dany agrees, though! She even tells Greyworm to follow the same.
Dany even tells Tyrion that her army has captured Jaime Lannister, who was heading to meet Cersei. Tyrion helps Jaime escapes and tells him to off somewhere with Cersei and start a new life.
Dany and Jon have an intimate moment, where the latter admits he loves her but they can't be together. She says then she will live in the fear of being hated by more than half of the Westeros. 
Finally, the day of the last way has arrived! Cersei's army and Dany's army are all set to show their barbaric side. But like shown in the promo, the breezy atmosphere instils fear in both the armies. In the promo, we saw how Euron Greyjoy sees something in the sky and dreads.
While many assumed that Dany will turn into a dragon herself and fight the ultimate war. Wrong theory again! She rides on Drogon and he starts spitting fire, killing Euron's army on the sea. She even opens the gates of the King's Landing and helps her army to get inside. However, she stops and sits on the roof while waiting for Cersei's army to surrender. Cersei, on the other hand, sees everything and starts getting scared. After thousands of people scream 'Ring the bell', the bell strikes and they surrender. 
Now comes the most hateful and unexpected part! Dany gave a deaf ear to Tyrion's request. After the bell is rung, she takes her dragon to all over the city and destroys in unapologetically by even killing innocent lives. Yes, she is the Mad Queen now!  The rest of the episode is all about Dany destroying anything and everything. She even destructs the palace.
Qyburn tells Cersei to run away from there as Drogon was approaching her. Whereas, Arya reaches King's Landing with the Hound to kill Cersei. However, Sandor tells her to run away otherwise she will be killed. Hound finally encounters his brother, who has turned out to be a zombie. When Cersei tells the Mountain to stand beside her, he gives a deaf ear and even kills Qyburn.
The ultimate fight between Mountain and the Hound starts. Even after stabbing him hundreds of times, Mountain doesn't die. Thus, Hound takes him and jumps in the fire.
While Jaime tries to meet Cersei in some or the other way, he meets Euron. Jaime is injured badly by Euron and for one moment I thought we lose the Kingslayer. An injured Jaime finally meets Cersei and it was indeed a bittersweet moment. Jaime helps Cersei escapes and she tells him that their child should live and she doesn't want to die this way. Her brother and lover assure him that when they are together nothing else matters. Yes, that's the end of Jaime and Cersei!
Jon after seeing what his Queen has been up to, he tells people to fall back and there comes the fire. Hope, he is alive, though!
Arya is also horribly injured but thank god, at least she is alive! After being a part of the stampede, escaping the fire and falling bricks, Arya sees a horse and leaves the ruined place.
All we could ask is, what has happened to Dany?!
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