"Shining Talent" - an art event by Vikram Sethi
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An art event "Shining Talent"  held from 25th May to 31st  May 2019, at Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi.

An art event "Shining Talent"  held from 25th May to 31st  May 2019, at Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi.

This being a group show  of several  artists :  Ms. Meha Seth, Delhi - Ms. Nirupma Misra, Noida - Ms.Vandana Sharma, Chandigarh- Ms. Devika Bahri, Noida - Ms. Swapna Malvade, Pune

MEHA SETH :  (Her Debut Art Event) - An emerging artist, Meha Seth, 37 yrs old born and raised in New Delhi. She is an MBA and mother of 2 children. She has been painting since childhood learning through art classes but not a formal art school. Partially a self taught emerging artist...she has returned to painting to fuel her passion and creative mindset.

She is working with a wide array of mediums like acrylic on canvas, watercolour, inks, pen and pencil. Her works have a diverse spectrum of colour ranging from simple black and whites to a heavy hues of colours and textures.

She draws inspiration from the fact that ours minds are not stable in a single state. It moves from clear cut emotions thoughts to confused and mixed feelings..just like she varies her artworks from single blacks and whites, straight line, precision work to textured, curves browns greys and colourful abstracts.

NIRUPMA MISRA : Brief profile - An educationist and a social worker, I am running a school for the underprivileged children in Unnao Dist UP.  I am a self taught artist. Painting is my passion and I started experimenting with colours on canvas at a very early stage. I love making nature, birds, animals and all that tempts me and enhances the beauty of the canvas. I love to paint Lord Krishna and Radha, this subject interests me a lot because of  vastness and variety in it. I always try to bring up something new and different.

The quest of creating something new and innovative, motivated me to derive a new style of painting , which is the innovative fusion of a few arts. This art is perfected by me and I have patented it in the name of NIRTANTRA . I have put up many solo and group exhibitions. I have won awards and honours including an honour from Shri Ram Nath Kovind, President of India , then Governor of Bihar and from Shri Kesri Nath ji Tripathi, Governor West Bengal

VANDANA SHARMA : From her home in Western Himalayas, artist Vandana Sharma fuels her passion for colour and texture with an unceasing inspiration drawn from her surroundings in the beautiful Himachal Valley. She is versatile in the use of acrylic, watercolour, pencil, mixed media and oil colour in her work. The result is extraordinary warmth and texture. It is a fascinating, absorbing process which requires a fine balance between spontaneity and control and the wide spectrum of colours offers endless possibilities to create images of startling vibrancy and depth.

Vandana’s versatility spans across her work in still life, landscape, portrait, abstract, craft work, wall paintings and related areas in the field of art.    
Vandana’s original work titled "Seraphic Love" is on the theme of lovebirds which gives us a beautiful view of the existence of life partners and how they live in each other’s various facets of life absorbed in divine love and care. The elements that are prominent in her work on this theme has great allegory: the background colour depicts the climate and situation, bamboo shows strength and its perennial nature irrespective of season’s harshness. In life too, the two have to live through hardships; but their relationship weathers good times and bad, like the bamboo tree, bending when needed: not breaking. And like the flute the two bring sweet music in one another’s life. The apple is central to the belief that humanity is, in essence, a single family, with everyone, descended from a single pair – the two and not stray with changing life’s situations thus showing life is not just to be lived but celebrated.
"Seraphic Love" is the saga of this angelic bond in colours.
Being a very talented artist ,she has done paintings which are used as healing therapies for people . Her abstract works reflect everyday life and their solution . Very calm and serene works.

SWAPNA MALVADE : Very senior artist from Pune and she has won several awards and has been doing paintings for 30 years. She has particpated in International and National Shows.

The Guestlist at the opening reception on 25th May,had the presence of artists :  Ms.Devika Bahri,Ms.Vandana Sharma, Ms.Nirupma Misra, Ms.Meha Seth and Ms.Swapna Malvade.

Other Guests present were Media Baron - Mr. Sanjeev Dev Malik, Mr. Virender Pratap Singh - Escorts Group, Mr. Ashwini Talwar - art collector, Mrs. Aruna Sethi - Vice President - Indo American Chamber of Commerce,Regional Council, North India,  Mr. Mark White of USAID of  USA Embassy, Ms. Chand Bakshi, Artist - Vinita Rathaur, Ms. Sugam Singh Shekhawat - Fashionista, Mr. Kishan Seth of Pearl Global group and several others.

Special Thanks to the staff and management of Hotel Sheraton, Saket,New Delhi, specially Mr. Rishi Mattu, Mr. Akshay Kavra, Mr. Amit
and Mr. Abhinav for arrangement of lovely.....space, food and wines.

Vikram Sethi  won  the Business Eminence Service award 2017 in February 2017, for the best art curator of 2016  (he also had won the Bharat Nirman award 2015 for the best art curator) and he has the talent to bring together a lot of talented, emerging artists and helps in promoting them.

This show is on display from 25th May  to 31st May, 2019 in Hotel  Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi. This show has been supported by Hotel  Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi and Media Powered by Asian News Channel India Pvt. Ltd. / News Age Pvt. Ltd. / News Global e-TV Networks Pvt. Ltd. and World News 24x7 Pvt. Ltd.