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Vogue UK has hailed it as ‘the item of the season’. International fashion websites can’t stop raving about it. 
Vogue UK has hailed it as ‘the item of the season’. International fashion websites can’t stop raving about it. 
And style mavens such as Victoria Beckham, Kaia Gerber and Kate Blanchett have been spotted sporting it on various occasions. Yes, we are talking about the boiler suit, the utilitarian work wear staple, which was once donned by factory workers, mechanics and men in the military. Now, a renewed version of this ensemble, replete with a centre zip detail and a relaxed fit, is being flaunted by fashionistas.
Designers Falguni Shane Peacock say, “The boiler suit was categorised as a functional and comfortable silhouette. Recently, it has emerged as a trend, thanks to ‘it’ girls like Bella and Gigi Hadid and Victoria Beckham who have worn it in a fashion-forward way, putting the utility silhouette on the map.”
According to the duo, what makes it appealing is the fact that it has a distinctive look to it. They add, “A boiler suit can be a multipurpose silhouette. You can wear it in a bright colour for summer keeping it casual and work it as a formal wear option too by throwing a blazer/jacket on with a pair of heels. In short, it is the perfect ‘cool girl’ uniform.”
It is easy to confuse the boiler suit with the much famous jumpsuit. But, while the latter is more fitted and feminine, the former is more oversized and androgynous, with a centre zip detail. Designer Aartivijay Gupta opines, “You look a cut above the rest without indulging in any kind of skin show. If you wear it to work, it makes you look sexy.”
The boiler suit also makes a powerful statement as “it is inspired by the men working in factories or in the military. Now, it is being worn by women, so in a way, it is a gender-neutral silhouette, blurring the lines and surpassing the preconceived notions of how a gender is supposed to dress,” say Falguni Shane Peacock.
What works in its favour is the fact that it is functional and comfortable. “It doesn’t cling to your form, which makes it wearable for women with any body type,” adds the designer duo.If you thought boiler suits are available only in thick fabrics, you are wrong. 
Aartivijay says, “Linen and cotton boiler suits are ideal for summer. For a night-time look, you can settle for a slightly satiny finish.”
However, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while opting for one. Falguni Shane Peacock opine, “If you’re tall, go for the boot-legged style with flare and extra drama. If you are petite, opt for the one that ends at your ankle. Those on the heavier side can pick a style that isn’t extremely body hugging and has a straighter cut, those on the leaner side can wear a boiler suit that accentuates their figure by fitting well in the right places.”
Choosing the right accessories with this ensemble elevates the overall look. For instance, team up a solid-coloured boiler suit with chunky jewellery or layered dainty trinkets, depending on your style. A belt in a contrasting hue is also a good option to break the monotoned look.
It can be worn during the day as well as at night. “Keep bright and light colours for the day and dark, sexy shades for the night. For the former, you can keep it easy chic by teaming it with sneakers or sunglasses, while for the latter,  amp it up with heels, statement jewellery and a jacket,” they sign off.
Boiler suits were first worn by men, mainly mechanics and factory workers. Its design (sans any loose flapping fabric) was convenient for their line of work. During the Second World War, they were sported by women, too, for similar reasons. Now, high-street brands have launched them in a wide array of fits and various fabrics such as cotton, linen, denim and satin.