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This being a group show  of two  young  and emerging artists and one art gallery.
This being a group show  of two  young  and emerging artists and one art gallery.
Emerging Artists are :  
1) ms.Jyoti Sateeja,New Delhi
2) Ms. Taniya Dharani ,New York,London 
3) Ms. Savita Agrawal , Owner of Shree Yash Art Gallery,Delhi
 ABout Taniya Dharani:
Where is home?, Who am I?, Where do I belong?, What do I feel? are some questions I find myself asking quite often.
I usually find myself exploring topics such as ‘Cultural Roots’ to ‘Identity’, to ‘Alienation’ and at present have developed around the idea of ‘Isolation of Dislocation’ by painting hybrid or monster like creatures by conscious and subconscious imagination of who I am, along with planet like circles to symbolise home.
Creation of Hybrid monsters is inspired by my real life experience of feeling isolated and alienated as a South Indian girl, being brought up in North West of Africa and graduated in England.Studied in SOTHEBYS New York
These paintings often consist of overlapping layerings of acrylic paints, each having it’s own unique colour complimentary technique inspired by the colour theory. I also conceptualised colours in my painting by optical mixing and colour constraining among harmonious colour by Juxtaposing the idea of hybrid creatures of isolation.
About  Jyoti Sateeja:
I have been painting since my childhood and pursuing my passion through mind and soul. Once I started using oil colours, I developed some kind of connection with the actual art and that connection brought me into my world of creativity. Painting has been my passion since my childhood which I have been following thoroughly.
Although I did my Master’s in Human Resources Management which is also a different world of creativity, I came back to the world of Art again and it became a turning point in my life. I have participated in various camps, National and International group shows and solo shows.
Over the course of my journey, I have added various mediums and media to my repertoire. I’ve started my journey using oil colors for realistic and contemporary paintings, but now I paint more abstractswith oil and acrylic colors mixing and creating imaginative landscapes.
Through my works, I draw upon the influence and inspiration of life itself. Life is a gift - if we can learn to appreciate all the beautiful things we’ve received, then we will have the key to life’s happiness and inner harmony. This appreciation brings positivity to a world which is full of sadness. Nature is the healer - it soothes, replenishes, regenerates and I want to live with the nature which I create. I am committed to art and the discovery of new and exciting ideas and techniques.
Won First Prize under professional category in Annual All India Painting Competition 2013 organized by Fusion Arts Foundation.
2019 – “Pratibimb…. The Reflection”Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre, N. Delhi
2017- “The Earthian Bliss” Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2016- “Infinite Diorama” Convention Centre Foyer, India Habitat Centre, N. Delhi
2014 –“Strength and Dignity” Gallery No- 4,Lalit Kala Akademy,RavindraBhawan,N.Delhi
2019- Dreams come True, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu
2018- Spotlight, Amdavad in Gufa Gallery, Ahmedabad
2018- Index Design Series, World Trade Centre, Dubai
2017- India Art Festival, N. Delhi
2017- Forms of Spirit,AIIFACS, N.Delhi
2017- India Art Festival, N. Delhi 
and many more ....................
Shree Yash Art Gallery ,Delhi has been for several years promoting top artists and Ms.Savita Agrawal has relentlessly pursued her dream of creating and promoting modern ,contemporary art of emerging artists as well as the masters.
As per the words of art curator and organiser ..Vikram Sethi ....this show depicts artworks in different mediums.. different aspects of society and social messages.
The guestlist had a wonderful mix of art lovers and socialites who all appreciated the artworks on display .
Special thanks to Mr.Rishi Mattu ,Mr. Kavra and Mr. Abhinav of Sheraton Saket for their support .