"Life and Vibrancy" an art event by Vikram Sethi
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"Life and Vibrancy" an art event by Vikram Sethi - 27th January to 7th February  2019  at Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi.

"Life and Vibrancy" an art event by Vikram Sethi - 27th January to 7th February  2019  at Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi.

This being a group show  of six talented artists.The  artists are : Mr. Donald Green (Australia),  Ms. Sujata Dere (artist based in Gurugram, originally from Mumbai), Ms. Namita Kohli (artist based in Chandigarh), Ms. Vaishali Singh (artist based in Delhi), Ms. Monika Tomar Saroch (artist based in Delhi) and Ms. Shanthi Vatsala (artist based in Gurugram).

Sujata Dere -  ‘Everything I draw - comes from my own experiences, one way or the other. I am forever drawing on the sense of mystery and wonder...... and possibility that pervades that time of my life.’ Sujata.......intrepid traveller, thinker, seeker, artist.......She graduated from the prestigious J.J. School of Art, Mumbai in 1979, where she was awarded a scholarship for merit in her second year and won an award in the Maharashtra State Art Exhibition, India. Her art has evolved over 25 years.

Constantly enriching the repertoire of her artistic palette, her search for a deeper meaning in life has propelled her to delve into the mysteries of the body, mind, equine form and the universe. This has impacted her art which has the agility to move from figures pulsating with life and vibrancy to the graceful form of the Horse as poetic beings embodying all that is instinctual and intuitive. Horses speak to that part of our souls that long for a connection with nature, with something larger and wiser than ourselves. Her interest in various methods of healing and a need to reach out and touch people’s lives in a positive manner motivates her to work in the field of mental health, using Art as a therapy.

Sujata’s works, which have been showcased in many significant exhibitions, have won both critical and popular acclaim. An intrinsic part of private collections all over India, the Middle East, Europe and the US, her first solo exhibition was held at the India International Centre in New Delhi in December 1992; Followed by several other solo and group shows of repute both in India and abroad.

Widely travelled in India, Europe and the US, she spent 2004-05 as a member of the Art League School, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Continuing to travel and interact with a wide range of artists from different parts of the world, she is currently living and working from her studio in the NCR.

Artist Donald Green - For more than fifty years, he has been doing art projects all over the world and is a living legend of Australia.His main forte is wildlife and nature.

Artist Namita Kohli  - She has been doing abstract artworks for several years and has displayed her works in Dubai, Europe and all over India. Her works are very unique and have a spiritual, calm, healing influence on people.Several of her works are with collectors and galleries.

Shanthi Vatsala - Her immense love for nature has opened her hidden talent in painting. All her paintings have an inner meaning.  Shanthi’s paintings are mostly about Mother Nature from where we all come live and go, and about spiritual art. She wants to redefine the art as a medium of peace and tranquility to our homes. She believes in the power and significance of mantra that’s why she chants the mantra continuously while painting, so her paintings represent powerful positive vibrations she has blended her thoughts well with spiritualism in her mesmerizing paintings. She had successfully completed her solo exhibition in May 2015, an exhibition in US Embassy in New Delhi on July 2015, an exhibition with different artist called Infinite Rainbows in Gurgaon in Sep 2015 and she participated in the India Art Festival in New Delhi by Kalavishkar Mumbai in Jan 2016. She has done many more exibitions in 2017 at India Habitit Center, Artizen Art Gallery New Delhi,August Kranti Bhavan, and in Jaipur.

Monika Tomas Saroch - She is a self taught artists who has been painting for the past 15 years. She has participated in various national and international exhibitions in reputed galleries like lalit a Kala, India heritage, AIFACS and in embassies in UK , Singapore and in Paris. Her painting was selected in AIFACS and recently the only one to have sold her painting in water colour workshop and exhibition. She has painted for many senior officers in the Armed forces and designed trophy for a Military unit.

Artist Vaishali Singh  - She has been painting for several years and her works on horses and tigers are very exceptional. Her works are very expressive and speaks to one in hidden undertones. There is beauty in her work in her strokes and depiction of places and animals.

"Life and Vibrancy" opening reception on 27th January had a very elegant guest list attendance of people from different wakes of life such as  Beauty Pageant winner and showstopper - Ms. Shilpa Arora Taluka, Media Baron - Sanjeev Dev Malik, Poonam Syal, Kiran Prakash, Sr. Vice President of North India Regional Council - Indo American Chamber of Commerce - Mrs. Aruna Sethi, Artist Sujata Dere, Artist Namita Kohli, Artist Monika Tomar Saroch, Artist Shanthi Vatsala, Artist Vaishali Singh, Beauty Pageant organiser and  socialite - Ms.Chand Bakshi, Mr. Talwar - Art Consultant and Art Collector, Ms. Shelly Singh and her husband Nainjyot Singh - Co-owners of TE AMO, Fashionista - Ms.Sona Sharma, Luxury Consultant - Ms. Shilani Sadh, Dr. Manorath Khullar, Mr. Brendon - art collector from Ireland, Mr.Jaspal Sahni, Ms. Shweta Bajaj, Ms. Kiran, Ms. Shikha Jain, Ms. Sonia Goyal … and several others.