"3 special women artists - Trimurti - the third Chapter"
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"3 special women artists - Trimurti - the third Chapter" an Art event by Vikram Sethi was held on 29th December 2018 open till 9th January 2019 at Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi.

"3 special women artists - Trimurti - the third Chapter" an Art event by Vikram Sethi was held on 29th December 2018 open till 9th January 2019 at Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi.

This being a group show  of three emerging artists. Emerging Artists are : Ms. Alpana Rathi (artist/sculptor based in Gujarat), Ms. Aarti Ahuja (artist based in Delhi), Ms. Anshul Gupta (artist based in Delhi).

About the artist Ms. Alpana Rathi : Accomplished, experienced and self-taught artist with a wide range of works in sculpture and paintings. Sculptures deploy a wide variety of medium including wood, bronze, metal and stone.The artist draws inspiration from nature, feminist themes, wildlife etc.

She held exhibitions across various parts of India and abroad and has achieved significant recognition. Sculpturally, her work is a complex interface of curves, straight lines and smooth rotundity. She has special inclination towards wooden carvings and this fits well with her environmentally conscious nature.

So far, Alpana has 7 major solo exhibitions and 16 major group exhibitions to her credit and has bagged several awards. Alpana has bagged a number of awards throughout her college and school days. Her first major solo exhibition was held in 1998 at Jammu-Virat Art Gallery. It was widely covered in local media and papers.

She also strives to showcase the rich culture of India on International platforms, whenever she has privilege of such an opportunity. She has showcased her sculpture, ’Yoga’ in Spain (Madrid) in permanent collection in 2016.

About the artist Anshul Gupta : Breathing life into canvas for several years, she has waltzed with painting as a full-time career. she has exhibited her work at various art shows. Apart from painting, she loves to travel. This series was inspired by her own extensive research on figurative forms  across India.

In the words of Artist Ms. Aarti Ahuja : ""My passion for art since teenage years made me try to capture the fascinating beauty of people and nature.

As a creative artist, I have been deeply touched by the beauty, balance, rhythm and vibrant colours of people and natural cycles, which naturally manifest themselves in the bustle of human life & culture as well.  The human subjects in my works are generally  connected to nature and people."

This show's opening reception on 29th December  had a very elegant guest list attendance of people from different wakes of life such as  Beauty Pageant winner and showstoppe r  - Ms. Shilpa Arora Taluka, Sr. Vice President of North India Regional Council -Indo American Chamber of Commerce - Mrs. Aruna Sethi, Artist - Anshul Gupta, Artist - Aarti Ahuja, Artist - Vinita Rathaur, Model and Socialite - Ms. Rrashmi Sachdeva, Mr. Talwar - Art Consultant and Art Collector, Ms. Shelly Singh and her husband Nainjyot Singh - Co-owners of TE AMO , Mr. Vishal Kanwar and Raashi Kanwar - Owners of TE AMO restaurant, Mr. Alok Goyal - Vice President of SOTHEBYs Reality, New Delhi, Mr. Vijay Jolly (Former BJP MLA), Fashionista - Ms. Sona Sharma, Luxury Consultant - Ms. Shilani Sadh, Dr. Manorath Khullar and several others.

Special Thanks to the management of
HOTEL ITC SHERATON ,SAKET  mainly.. General Manager - Ms. Benita Sharma, Resident Manager - Mr. Rishi Mattu, F&B Manager - Mr. Kavra, Mr. Abhinav and others.

Art Curator and show organizer -
Mr. Vikram Sethi recently won the Business Eminence Service award 2017 in February 2017, for the best art curator of 2016  (he also had won the Bharat Nirman award 2015 for the best art curator) and he has the ability to bring together a lot of talented, emerging artists and helps in promoting them.

This show is on display from
29th December 2018 to 9th January, 2019 in Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi. This show has been supported by Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi and Media Powered by Asian News Channel India Pvt. Ltd. / News Age Pvt. Ltd. / News Global e-TV Networks Pvt. Ltd. and World News 24x7 Pvt. Ltd.