"Trimurti "an Art event by Vikram Sethi
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This being a group show  of three emerging artists. Emerging Artists are :
This being a group show  of three emerging artists. Emerging Artists are :
Ms. Vrushali Prakash (artist based in Ahmedabad),Ms. Simple Mohanty Pani (artist based in Delhi), Ms. Vineeta Rathaur (Based in Delhi) 
About the artist Ms. Vrushali Prakash :
Breathing life into canvas since 1990, artist Vrushali Prakash has waltzed with painting as a full-time career. Professionally trained at Sir J.J School of Arts, Mumbai , from 1985 – 1990 , she has exhibited her work at various art shows. Apart from painting, she loves to cook and travel. This series was inspired by her own extensive travels across India, covering the forests of Satpura, Tadoba-Andhari ,Ranthambore, and Gir, as well as the pristine Himalayas. Through these works ,she hopes to evoke in viewers the milieu of emotions that touched her as she played in the lap of nature.
In the words of Artist Ms. Simple Mohanty Pani :
""My passion for art since childhood made me try to capture the fascinating beauty of nature- whether azure skies, the play of light and shade on foliage, or the multi-hued iridescence of flowers- on paper. Starting with water colours, my first love due to the translucency of the medium, I have found it equally exciting to venture into oils, acrylics and pen & ink on canvas, at ease with both brush and spatula.
As a creative artist, I have been deeply touched by the beauty, balance, rhythm, resilience and vibrant colours of nature and natural cycles, which naturally manifest themselves in the bustle of human life & culture as well. Hence I am drawn towards subjects that reflect these- they could be flowers, water bodies, animals, still life or people in the midst of any or all of these. The human subjects in my works are generally organically connected to nature. When I paint these, my aim is to try to get to the very soul of the appeal of the subject, the beauty that moved me in the first place and to capture its vitality & life force on canvas.
The style and strokes of my works are closest to the impressionistic genre, although rooted in representationalism. The works of greats like Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Amrita Shergill inspire me no end. Although I have been painting and sketching from a very early age, I started professionally exhibiting my works relatively recently. An assistant professor in Political Science by profession, I teach at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University. If anything, my liberal arts education has whetted my appetite for and appreciation of painting and my artistic passion enables the juggling of both careers.
I have exhibited my works in several group art shows in Delhi including those by Lalit hotel's Art Junction, RPR gallery, CSOI & AIFACS.
In the words of artist Vineeta Rathaur:
"" I am a self taught artist who finds painting therapeutic and a space I can get away to whenever I feel like it. To quote Twyla Tharp, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”Initially drawn to painting scenes from nature, seascapes, birds in flight , with an occasional still life thrown in of late, I found myself drifting towards the genre portraits and human forms. I enjoy the challenge of delving into the nuances of the human form, giving them a creative feel and originality of my own .
In the four pastel artworks I have made, I wish to bring out the sheer exuberance of the ballet dancers, highlighting the emotive as well as physical aspect of their dance. The oil on canvases are also original paintings wherein I have imparted boldness to one and a more muted approach to the other.
This show's opening reception on 29th September  had a very elegant guest list attendance of people from different wakes of life such as Media Baron - Mr. Sanjeev Dev Malik, Beauty Pageant organizer - Ms. Lavina Bhatia, Fashion Designer - Ms. Priya Gandhi, Sr. Vice President of Regional Council - Indo American Chamber of Commerce - Mrs. Aruna Sethi, Artist Vrushali Prakash, Model and social activist - Ms.Shikha Jain  from India, Mr. Talwar - Art Consultant and Art Collector, Mrs.Swayam Prabha Nanda, Mrs.Silvee Bakshi, Mrs. Chand Bakshi, Mr. Ashwini Khullar… and several others. 
Special Thanks to the management of HOTEL ITC SHERATON,SAKET  mainly.. General Manager - Ms. Benita Sharma, Resident manager- Mr. Rishi Mattu, F&B Manager - Mr.Kavra, Mr.Abhinav and others.
Art Curator and show organizer - Mr.Vikram Sethi recently won the Business Eminence Service award 2017 in February 2017,for the best art curator of 2016  ( he also had won the Bharat Nirman award 2015 for the best art curator) and he has the ability to bring together a lot of talented ,emerging artists and helps in promoting them . This show is on display from 29th September to 9th October,2018 in Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi . This show has been supported by Hotel ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi and Media Powered by Asian News Channel India Pvt. Ltd. / News Age Pvt. Ltd. / News Global e-TV Networks Pvt. Ltd. and World News 24x7 Pvt. Ltd.