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Raksha Bandhan - a festival that celebrates the eternal bond of brother and sister is around the corner.
Raksha Bandhan - a festival that celebrates the eternal bond of brother and sister is around the corner.
Raksha Bandhan 2019 falls on August 15. Every brother and sister are excited to celebrate this festival. This festival is loaded with fun, mischiefs and a lot of sweets. You might be worried about the amount of calories sweets can add to your diet. The huge amount of calories in sweets may ruin your restricted diet.
But during the festive vibes sweet become unavoidable. You cannot resist digging into those delicious sweets. This rakhi do not compromise on the sweets by replacing them with low-calorie sweets. Here are some low-calorie sweets which you can try this raksha bandhan and keep your calorie count under control.
Low-Calorie sweets for Raksha Bandhan 2019
1. Make your own healthy cake
You can prepare your own healthy cake. You can invest some efforts for your sibling and make this festival more special. Something like a carrot cake or a banana and date cake can go well. Healthy sugar alternates can also be used to make it healthier. This will satisfy your sweet tooth and you can enjoy the festival without worrying about your calories.
2. Carrot halwa (Gajar ka halwa)
No one can say no to Gajar ka halwa. It is the ultimate sweet of all time. It is rich in flavours with the goodness of carrots. You can prepare a low-calorie gajar ka halwa with less sugar and more carrots. Do not add extra ghee to it to keep the calories under control.
3. Low-calorie milk cake
Milk cake is another tasty treat which you cannot resist. You can prepare a low-calorie milk cake by adding less ghee and sugar to it. Also, add cinnamon while preparing the sweet. This makes it healthier.
4.Multigrain ladoo
Laddos are the first thing that might appear in front of you when you hear sweets. You can make your laddoo healthy by using multiple grains to prepare them. These laddoos will be filling as well as add the goodness of the multiple grains added to them.
Other tips to eat smart this festive season
You should keep counting your calories on a festival as wellDrink plenty of water throughout the dayAvoid adding junk to your mealsPrepare your own sweets with less sugar or healthy alternates to sugar like jaggeryEat more fibre rich foods to stay full for longerKeep a check on your portion sizes