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Nobody likes to have bad sex. Not only does bad sex ruin a relationship, engaging in dismal or not so good sexual experiences can bring on a lot of stress.
Nobody likes to have bad sex. Not only does bad sex ruin a relationship, engaging in dismal or not so good sexual experiences can bring on a lot of stress.
It can also harm your sex drive.
According to science, apart from mismatched libidos, there is another big thing coming in way of good sex and that is the time when you are having sex. Researchers say this is, in fact, the #1 mistake people make which makes them stop enjoying healthy sex life. The most common time people have sex, as it turns out is the WORST possible time to have healthy, mind-blowing sex!
If you, like a lot of people, believe that intercourse is to be only enjoyed only after the clock strikes nine, think again. There is compelling textbook evidence which would make you want to reconsider your sex schedule and prioritize the time you actually get busy in the bed!
The study
A study was conducted by Frontiers in Psychology which found out that most couples in the UK had sex between 9 pm and 1 am. However, the percentage of people polled who reported having good, terrific sex was less than 40%. Most of them also said that they treated nighttime sex as a regular chore and said it was not satisfying for them.
While this may seem the most 'doable' time for people, it is also the time when your body is trying to unwind and all the organs in the body do their work getting ready for the next day. Thus, scientifically, it is not thought of as the best time for sex, which requires high energy and performance.
The study also pointed out that there was another reason why having sex during the night time or just before hitting the bed does not hold promising or satisfying results. Men and women have a contrasting difference as and when their libidos spike up. Women, unlike men, tend to be more tired during the night, which comes in way of good, intense sexual intercourse.
Here's why
Contrary to popular belief, sex before nighttime is not the best. Just like the circadian rhythm, our body has a sex clock in place too which decides when our hormones are at their optimum levels and our libidos are all spiked up.
Post a heavy day at work or a busy schedule, the body needs its rest to destress. While some might agree and say that sex does seem to help in this situation, having intercourse right before bed does not always carry good results. Just like it is difficult to do other work in the night hours, performing in bed too, comes with its cons. So, when you feel exhausted and all you want is to get some rest, you better listen to your body.
However, there are also contrary reports which say that sex before bed can actually help people better. It might help you relax, but you won't be at your sexual best if you do so. Stay prepared for disappointments!
Thus, having sex between 9 pm till 12 midnight is not an ideal time to have sex.
What is the alternative then?
The body needs its energy to have good sex, just like any other task. That means morning sex is the best pick you have. Not only will it guarantee you good sex, but it will also be satisfying.
While you rest at night, the body is at work, producing vital hormones, which go straight into work in the morning. Morning time is also the time when testosterone levels are at the highest, which equal greater satisfaction.