Monsoon Hair Care
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Monsoon is finally here. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the rains to give relief from the rising temperature.
Monsoon is finally here. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the rains to give relief from the rising temperature.
But this monsoon can take a toll on your hair. Your hair needs extra attention during monsoon. The increased moisture in the air can result in frizzy hair, hair fall and dandruff. To save yourself from all these problems, you just need to follow some simple steps.
Monsoon hair care routine will help maintain flawless hair. If you are also looking for some simple ways to keep your hair healthy, there here are all the answers you are looking for. Read on to know hair care tips to maintain healthy hair this monsoon.
Monsoon hair care tips
1. Do not skip the conditioner
The extra moisture can make your hair frizzy and even worse. You should choose a strong conditioner to keep the frizz at bay. The right conditioner according to your hair type can work wonders for your hair. A conditioner will help you in keeping your hair soft and smooth. While washing your hair do not skip the conditioner. It will prevent your hair from any external damage. While applying the conditioner make sure that you cover all your hair properly from roots to the tip of the hair.
2. Oiling is must
Your grandmother and mother are right! Oil is the key to maintain strong hair. Oils provide the strength to the hair. Regular oiling can make your life simpler by ensuring good hair health. During monsoon as well you should oil your hair regularly. You can choose the right oil according to your hair type. Oils will prevent hair breakage. If you experience excess oil in your scalp, you must first wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
3. Carry a scarf
Whenever you are stepping out, make sure that you have a scarf or a hat with you. Cover your hair whenever you are outside to reduce your hair's contact with the environment. It will also create a barrier between the excess moisture and your hair and protect your hair up to a certain level. The pollution outside can also contribute to poor hair health. A scarf or hat will prevent the pollutants as well.
4. Do not comb your hair wet
During monsoon, there will be many occasions when you have to deal with wet hair. It is advised to not to comb your hair when it is wet. Water makes the hair follicles weak which makes the hair more prone to breakage. To avoid your hair from falling you should avoid combing wet hair.
What to do after getting drenched in rain
During monsoon, you can get drenched in the rain any time. So, in such a situation you need to put some efforts to make sure that it does not affect your hair in any way. Here is the step by step guide for you. Follow these steps if your hair gets wet in the rain.
1. You need to clean your hair as soon as you reach home. Wash your hair with a shampoo to remove all the dust and other particles from your hair. It will clean your hair and scalp both.
2. Now after the shampoo, its time to apply the conditioner. Conditioning is very necessary to keep your hair frizz-free. Apply the conditioner properly from scalp to the roots. Keep the conditioner for a while and later wash.
3. Now the step is drying your hair. Do not go harsh on your hair. Use a towel and gently wipe the excess water. If you want to use a blow dryer then use a heat resistant spray first.
4. Do not comb wet hair, first allow your hair to dry properly and then comb your hair to prevent hair fall.
Other hair care tips for monsoon
If you are planning to get your hair coloured or any other kind of styling then you must wait for the monsoon to endDo not use too much heat appliancesYou can also pay a visit to a spa and pamper your hair with a good spa session
Give your hair some extra attention and care this monsoon and say goodbye to all hair problems.