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Women are more than lucky to have the benefit of experiencing multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse. 
Women are more than lucky to have the benefit of experiencing multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse. 
But quite often, there are women who shy away from the pleasure or are simply unaware of the different kinds of orgasms they can experience. 
In times when you live such hectic lives, working for most of the day and traveling for the rest, a good pleasurable night with orgasms you didn't even think you could experience becomes imperative. It is something you deserve!
So shouting out to all the busy, hard-working women out there, here are the orgasms you didn't know you can have:
1. Vaginal orgasm
It is not easy for women to experience vaginal orgasm. Furthermore, there is quite a lot of debate if the G-spot exists or not. Vaginal orgasm is achieved by sexual intercourse and is whole-body orgasm which lasts much longer than a clitoral orgasm. Women who experience vaginal orgasms also experience multiple orgasms. All women are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms. The G-spot of some women is located on the front wall of the vagina. This spot is best hit when the partner enters from behind. Besides, longer-duration of intercourse is the key to achieving vaginal orgasm, along with trying different positions.
2. Clitoral orgasm
This is the standard kind of orgasm which is experienced by stimulation of the clitoris. But sex experts suggest that couples should refrain from directly reaching the clitoris as it gives a less pleasurable orgasm, as compared to when the partner touches or caresses other parts of a woman's genitals.
3. Multiple orgasms
Women experience multiple orgasms in a sequence, that is, one after the other, and not at different times during one particular sexual session. According to studies, only women who are able to withstand continuous stimulation are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms. They can be achieved by starting with a nice foreplay session, followed by your partner playing with your levels of arousal. Begin having intercourse in between all the action. Apply the technique of slowing down and speeding up simultaneously as long as you long as your arousal and the ability to withstand stimulation is high.
4. Coregasm
Surprisingly, some women experience an orgasm by exercising. However, this orgasm is comparatively less intense but still is quite pleasurable. Orgasm induced by exercising requires heart pumping at a high rate. Experts suggest that after a long session of cardio, doing some core exercises like leg raises, ab crunches, etc. To reach the orgasmic state, you need to continue exercising until you start feeling excited.
5. Blended orgasm
Blended orgasm is the result of a combination of clitoral and vaginal orgasm. There are times when both these orgasms last for as long as 15 minutes, ending in a 'giant' orgasm. This orgasm is achieved with a lot more effort than vaginal or clitoral orgasm alone. Research says that women find it most convenient to achieve blended orgasm in the missionary position, or when they are on top.