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Snacks are a blessing during hectic work days. There are some healthy snacking options that you can carry easily with you to work. 
Snacks are a blessing during hectic work days. There are some healthy snacking options that you can carry easily with you to work. 
They can help in curbing hunger pangs plus they can provide you the nutrients required by the body. You can make snacking a part of healthy diet, as far as you pick the right options.
Packaged ragi chips of quinoa puffs might have the face value of being "healthy", but they are loaded with artificial flavours and salt, that can do more harm to health than good. In this article, we are going to talk about high protein snacks that you can carry to work. 
These snacks are a healthier alternative to chips or any other comfort (junk) food that you might resort to for beating hunger pangs in office. 
High protein snacks to beat hunger pangs at work
1. Handful of almonds: Nuts can be a great healthy snack. Almonds are high in protein. These protein rich nuts can also provide other important nutrients to your body like fibre, monosaturated fats, vitamin-E and magnesium. Try out almonds as these easy-to-carry protein rich nuts can help you with weight loss.
2. Tuna sandwich: A delicious snack, tuna can provide you the required protein in your diet. The protein rich fish is also high in omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins. Tuna sandwich can be made at home quickly. You can save it to beat your hunger pangs at work, especially in evening.
3. Roasted chickpeas: The legume has got an impressive nutrient profile. Along with the high protein content, chickpeas are rich in fibre, which can help in weight loss. Try roasted chickpeas, as they can be an easy-to-carry crunchy snack.
4. Hard boiled eggs: Eggs are known to be a powerhouse of protein. One hard bolied egg can provide around six grams of protein. They can help in keeping you full for a longer time, and can be carried easily.
5. Paneer: A top vegetarian source of protein, paneer is a versatile ingredient. From raw to roasted, paneer can be enjoyed in multiple ways. The dairy product is a popular keto food, as it can help you with weight loss, while providing the essential protein to your diet.
6. Yogurt: Another dairy product we can't miss out from this list, yogurt is rich in proteins. It also comes with gut-friendly probiotics, fibre and calcium. Add dry fruits to make it more delicious. Probiotics in yogurt can improve digestion and aid weight loss goals.
7. Oatmeal: The high protein food also comes along with high fibre content. Being a complex carb, oatmeal would not spike your blood sugar, so you can go for oatmeal as a hearty, filling, delicious office snack.
8. Protein bars: A popular easy-to-carry food, home made protein bars can be low on sugar content (compared to the one's available in the market) and provide you high-protein on the go. It's a light product, which won't affect your weight loss schedule and can provide you the much-needed energy during long and busy days at work.
9. Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds can be a powerhouse of energy. The protein loaded seed is a heart healthy snack, as it can provide various other nutrients like zinc, fibre, magnesium and poly-saturated fatty acids. Pumpkin seeds can provide an energy kick without affecting your weight loss planner.
10. Apple with peanut butter: We are familiar with the goodness of apple. But did you know about the amazing combination of apple with peanut butter? This delicious snack is loaded with protein. The fibre content of apples can be helpful for your weight loss, while peanut butter can help in reducing bad cholesterol levels. However, make sure you consume peanut butter in moderation as it calorie dense and may cause weight gain if consumed in excess.