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On popular request, I have decided to deviate from my usual writings on life , education and career to share how every woman at any age must explore and manifest her best ‘inside out’.

On popular request, I have decided to deviate from my usual writings on life , education and career to share how every woman at any age must explore and manifest her best ‘inside out’.

There is a supreme confidence we experience when we keep at disciplined lifestyle choices, because looking and feeling your best is a power in itself.

Think of this indulgence of a diligently cultivated mind-body-soul regime as an adventure,  a love-affair with yourself.

This is a voluntary and contractual commitment with the self, to continually nurture God-given attributes we each were born with by making conscious decisions by rejecting what is not good for the body. In itself, vanity apart, it is an ode to oneself. Because when the results of a good lifestyle show up after a few months of dedication, one will never go back to what is toxic to one’s emotional or physical health.

To get the body and the skin prepared for an uplifting regime, one has to strive at laying a fertile base. This starts with daily monitoring to ensure we excrete well through sweat,  bowels and urine. One doesn’t have to go to a spa for colonic irrigation, but ensure adequate intake of fibre, roughage and stuff like isabgol so as to expand and regulate bowel movements to the optimum. Similarly, water retention happens because of excessive salt, alcohol and colas, 'The Forbidden Three', that lead to puffiness, water retention, and later to chronic ailments like blood pressure.

Just as the above process of body irrigation lays a fertile soil for anti-ageing, we must prepare the skin too in order that it is porous and ready to absorb the infusion of a good skin care regime. At least twice a week, fresh lemon juice or a combination of aloe Vera and amla juice diluted should be dabbed on the skin and then rinsed off after a few minutes before applying a serum. Because citric ingredients in the above act as a mild peel that sets the base for absorption of nutrients that a good serum infuses. Serums are vital as the second step for a regular regime because they are concentrates and more penetrable than creams. The third phase of application is the actual moisturising cream one uses to target specific concerns like pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage etc. At this stage, it’s important to add a drop of water to the face to emulsify and absorb the serum and cream, massaging it into the pores, before applying sun screen. Because creams never get absorbed at the surface layer application alone.

Daily skin care is a dedicated ritual, a regime we owe ourselves, just like a good workout and daily prayer. In all three, the commonality is that we are not in a rat-race with the outside world, but we challenge our own limits to surpass and do the best one can. It’s a small price to pay for self-optimisation. Because at every decade: be it in one’s 20’s, 30’s, 40s and beyond into the 60s, people are striving to look and feel the best they ever could, compared to the previous generation. They are thinking younger, talking smarter, dressing younger and are more energised than preprevious generations as a process of evolution. Because being Fit & Fabulous is the new that the most expensive jewels or attire can never make up for .

The other intakes I swear by is:
-Not staying with the same brand of skin care regime. Keep shocking your skin with a different infusion every two months to get the best of varied ingestions. Just like we rotate and balance our vitamin intake through food and vitamin supplements, different creams have different properties and concentrates.

-shocking the skin and making it come alive also happens through the ‘fire and ice’ treatment twice a week. After a hot splash, iron the skin with ice for just a two minutes. It's the same principle at play here as in refrigeration:why do we put perishables on ice?  

-a regular dose of Vitamin C 500 mg capsules, and an antioxidant is a must. Even the antioxidant should change every 30 days. Here, Lycopene supplements that are a concentrate of cartinoids found in red capsicum and tomatoes are an absolute must. Cartinoids are the red pigments in fruits and vegetables that help build collagen. The third alternate to rotate with is a grape supplement. Grape seeds are rich in antioxidants, including phenolic acids and due to its high antioxidant content, GSE can help protect against oxidative stress, improve brain function and aids in collagen creation.
-daily intake of nuts.

-vegetable juices: vary their colours daily from red, purple, yellow and green.

-and lastly, a daily intake of Haldi, with a dash of black pepper in milk, so it aids in the absorption of curcumin, the compound turmeric contains which is loaded with antioxidants that provides an array of health benefits, ranging from a healthier brain and heart to stronger bones, improved digestion and a lower risk of disease. This really is the Golden Nectar, good for every age group.

As always, do check with your qualified GP....

Cheers to a beautiful and fabulous at every age....stay with the path, and stay motivated. Because there is only One You.... God never made another.

                  Priyanka Behl