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A healthy sex life is an important part of healthy and graceful ageing. Ageing has often been considered as one of the top most factors of a low libido.
A healthy sex life is an important part of healthy and graceful ageing. Ageing has often been considered as one of the top most factors of a low libido.
However, poor lifestyle and excessive stress are other top reasons why people experience low libido or sex drive. In his live session on Facebook, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho clarifies that low libido is not a disease. He says that very few cases of low libido are because of an underlying medical condition (like high blood pressure or poorly managed diabetes).
Natural ways to improve libido
1. Sleep: Lack of sleep can contribute to low libido. When you are sleep deprived, you wake up tired. Lack of sleep also disrupts hormonal balance, which is an important prerequisite for a good sex drive. Sleep recharges your body and balances your hormones, thus helping in maintaining a good sex drive.
2. Anxiety: Anxiety makes your body enter the sympathetic nervous system. This will reduce your sex drive and you will experience difficulty in having sex.
3. Exercise: If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, you will experience a low libido. Poor quality lifestyle makes you feel lethargic and reduces blood circulation. It is only with a healthy blood circulation that you will have high libido.
4. Know your self-worth: If you have a low self-worth, you will not have a good self-worth. Constantly comparing yourself to other people's sex life, pondering over what your friends talk about in social circles, etc will have direct impact on your self-worth and sex life. Constantly watching pornography can also have a negative impact on your libido.
5. Foreplay: Engaging in foreplay is important to boost your libido naturally. Touching, kissing and hugging will not only boost your libido, but will also drastically improve your sex life.
6. Nutritious diet: A healthy and nutritious diet will boost your mood, prevent diseases and improve your blood circulation. The three can together give a great boost to your libido. You must have a balanced diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains and plenty amount of water.
7. Work on your relationship: If there is no more attraction or an attempt to create attraction, you are going to experience low libido. Give up on taking each other for granted and work on your relationship to improve your sex life.
8. Smoking: Smoking can reduce your libido by negatively impacting blood circulation. It can also lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Give up smoking to boost your libido naturally.
9. Sex therapy or counselling: If you have experienced sexual abuse of any kind, your libido is likely to be affected. Going for sex therapy or sex counselling can be helpful in this case.
10. Low testosterone in men: Overtraining or high stress levels can reduce libido in men. Do not do strength training beyond your strength and stamina. Give yourself the time to rest and recover and it will increase your libido naturally. Low testosterone levels can also be caused because of zinc, iron and omega-3 fatty acids deficiency.
11. Oral contraceptives: Taking oral contraceptives have been found to reduce libido in women. Restrict their intake unless it is absolutely urgent and necessary.
12. Food: Foods that are rich in collagen like bananas, watermelon, lemons can help in boosting libido. Triptophan in dark chocolate is a precursor to serotonin, a hormone which is essential for a good libido.