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2018 was quite a progressive year when it came to fitness trends. We saw varied form of exercises/workouts come to the fore and gain a lot of popularity. 

2018 was quite a progressive year when it came to fitness trends. We saw varied form of exercises/workouts come to the fore and gain a lot of popularity. 

As the year comes to a close, we speak to fitness experts Sapna Khanna and Puranjay Jadeja who list out the most popular workout trends that were a big hit among fitness enthusiasts.

1) Obstacle course training

The rising popularity of TV shows such as American Ninja Warrior has led to an increase in obstacle course run’s being organized in the country with Devil’s circuit[held once a year in Delhi]being one of the most popular ones. According to experts, completing an obstacle gives you a sense of an accomplishment, it makes you mentally strong. Obstacle courses are an excellent way to build endurance, improves balance and coordination; and it also is a great way to deal with issues such as stress and depression.
2) Mixed Martial Arts/Boxing
While the popularity of MMA and boxing has been established abroad for a while; in India, it’s only this year that MMA and boxing made the breakthrough through mainstream fitness. It was a big rage this year. MMA and boxing offers a total body workout with an emphasis on strength training rather than muscle building. It also focuses on your core muscles, promotes weight loss and stamina building.
3) Bodyweight training
Bodyweight training was a big hit among the working class as it doesn’t require any weight or machines, and can be done anywhere. The idea behind bodyweight training is to use your own weight to provide resistance against gravity. It’s USP is that it offers a unique benefit of cardiovascular strength and muscle building at the same time. Also, chances of injury are quite less.
4)Suspension training
A staple of top athletes around the world, it’s only this year that suspension training became a trend among regular fitness enthusiasts. Suspension training uses a system of rope and webbing, which allows users to exercise against their own weight. Suspension trainers hardly require any space; they help in improving mobility and agility; builds core strength and helps to deal in muscular imbalances.
5) BOSU ball workout
BOSU ball workouts were extremely popular this year as they helped break the monotony of doing the same old traditional workouts. A BOSU ball has a flat platform on side and a rubber dome on the other. Since one has to balance oneself on the ball to workout, the simplest of exercises become extremely tough. From improving your balance, flexibility, strength to injury rehabilitation along with strengthening your joints, BOSU ball workout offers numerous benefits.
6) HIIT with weights
While high intensity interval training has been popular since 2017, it’s variation —added weights was one of the top trends this year. The benefit of HIIT with weights is that increases muscle size and strength much faster compared to other workouts. It also helps to strengthen the heart and improves oxygen circulation.
7) Dance workout
Dance workout classes such as zumba were a rage among these who didn’t prefer lifting weights or bodyweight exercises. Fast paced zumba is a fat killer and a calorie burner. And since it’s based on dance and music, it also provides the benefit of socializing and making new friends.