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Sagging of skin is a result of weakening and natural loss of collagen and elastin. 
Sagging of skin is a result of weakening and natural loss of collagen and elastin. 
As you age, your skin becomes to sag and there seems to be no possible solution regarding it. But need not worry as a few simple and basic steps can help in preventing skin sagging.
Using the right kind of products can be helpful. Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can be held responsible for skin sagging.
UV damage causes loss of firmness of the skin. Thus, a moisturising sunscreen with high sun protection factor should be used on a daily basis to prevent skin sagging.
Effective tips to prevent skin sagging
1. Moisturise: Using the right kind of moisturiser can help a long way in terms of preventing skin sagging. You should apply moisturisers with Vitamin C and E on your face and neck in the morning and night. Moisturising is important to keep your skin smooth and firm even as you age. You can also pick moisturisers which contain aloe vera as well.
2. Facial exercises: Doing facial exercises can help in preventing skin sagging. Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala shared a number of facial exercises which can not only help in keeping your skin smooth and firm, but can also help in getting rid of double chin. Read here to know all about them.
3. Quit smoking: Smokers are more likely to get a sagging skin as compared to others. Smoking can make you look older and make you prone to several diseases, including cancer.
4. Give up sweet and sugary drinks: It has been found that sweet and starchy foods as they may speed up skin ageing.
5. Eat a balanced diet: You cannot imagine what processed foods can do to your skin. They can be harmful for your skin and cause skin sagging. For healthy, glowing and firm skin, stick to eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Brazil nuts, peanuts, cheese, celery, dried fruit, chickpeas, raisins and eggs are a few foods which can help in preventing skin sagging.
6. Exercise regularly: Being overweight can stretch the skin and weaken elastin fibres on your face. Regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight along with a glowing and younger looking skin.
7. Use the right kind of products on your skin: To prevent your skin from ageing, wrinkles and damage caused by UV rays, you need to know which products to use and which ones to not use. It is important to have a proper morning and night skin care routine. Read here to know some effective tips to prevent skin ageing.