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If you’re feeling distant from your partner, you may think that putting on a sexy dress is the best way to get his or her attention. 
If you’re feeling distant from your partner, you may think that putting on a sexy dress is the best way to get his or her attention. 
And that may work — but there are many other ways to bring back the passion from the early days of your relationship. If you just don’t feel the same level of intimacy or excitement with your partner that you once did, here are some steps you can take to feel closer to your partner -- increase your physical attraction, as well as, your emotional bond:
Sleep closer together
Sleeping skin-to-skin, whether spooning or even just touching toes, can have relationship benefits. In fact, a 2014 study presented at the Edinburgh International Science Festival found that couples who slept the closest to each other reported having more relationship satisfaction.
Kiss frequently
Locking lips can play an important role in the quality of a long-term relationship, according to a 2013 study from Oxford University. In fact, researchers found that frequent kissing was even more important to relationship satisfaction than frequent sex.
Limit technology
If you haven’t put your relationship on a technology diet -- cut out phones and television at mealtimes and in the bedroom -- yet, it is time to do it. Nothing is killing communication faster right now than men and women starting at their mobile phones, while their partner is trying to talk to them at the dinner table. In a 2014 Brigham Young University study of heterosexual women, 70% felt that smartphones and other devices were interfering with their love lives.
Take a vacation
If work and family obligations have forced you and your partner to put your love life on the back burner, schedule some time off from your regular responsibilities. Getting away may help you focus on each other, but even a staycation or a long weekend at home -- if you treat it right -- can be enough to refresh your bond, suggests a 2013 study commissioned by the US Travel Association.
Go on double dates
You don’t need to spend all of your couple time one-on-one. In fact, inviting friends along once in a while can help you and your partner reaffirm your love for each other. In a 2014 Wayne State University study, people who went on double dates with other couples they were close with said they felt more affection and romantic feelings toward their partners. It turns out that watching your other half interact with friends can help you remember what you love about him or her.
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