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If you are on a weight-loss spree, you know that diet control and proper workout is what you need.

If you are on a weight-loss spree, you know that diet control and proper workout is what you need.

However, in the recent times, weight training has been deemed more effective for weight loss. Due to this, the importance of cardio workouts has gone unrecognized.

Experts reveal that cardio workouts are most important when it comes to weight loss. For this, you need to figure out the best exercises, the best time and how much workout is required to achieve your weight loss goal. Research shows that people who practice cardio exercises before breakfast lose 20% more weight than the rest.

This is due to the fact that your metabolism is much higher in the morning. Your insulin levels, too, are comparatively lower and your mental focus towards the idea of weight loss is much better. Therefore, your body and mind works together to induce weight loss which is why cardio sessions in the morning prove more effective.

Here are 6 strong reasons why cardio is more important for weight loss.
1. It helps you burn more calories at a time
The target heart rate zone is when your heart is pumping blood at a quick pace, your breathing is paced up and your body is sweating. In cardio, you need to push your body into this zone. Once it is there, your body starts burning calories. From this point onwards, the harder you work, the more you burn. A brisk-30 minute walking session helps you burn 200 calories. And if you extent it, you can burn more calories than usual.
2. It adds to your calorie deficit
Most people end up eating more after their workouts. This balances out the number of calories they burnt while working out and weight loss does not take place. However, cardio workouts are quite different in this case. With these, you burn more calories with exercise which is why you need not cut down on your calorie intake. Nevertheless, portion control is required for a person trying to lose weight.
3. Cardio can be done on most days of the week
It all depends on how you set your program. While weight training needs quite some time for recovery, there is no such thing with cardio workouts. Your muscles need rest in order to grow bigger and stronger. Not taking breaks can result in injuries. This, however, does not happen in cardio workouts. You can practice these as much as you want and burn as many calories accordingly.
4. You can add intensity to your training
Burning more calories with cardio can be done using two techniques: exercising for longer or increasing the intensity of the workout. For example, if you practice brisk walking on the treadmill, include a few minutes of jogging or running. Similarly, you can jump higher, climb hills and engage in activities which can induce quick weight loss.
5. Increased insulin sensitivity
High intensity cardio workouts can help you increase insulin sensitivity. This helps you burn more calories without compromising on hormonal balance. High insulin sensitivity is beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight. Besides this, it is beneficial for people who have a family history of diabetes.
6. Glycogen levels are depleted
Cardio workouts, when practiced on an empty stomach, can help you burn more calories than normal. When your body does not have fuel to burn to produce energy, it uses stored fat for that purpose. Therefore, you burn more calories than you normally would with the help of cardio workouts.