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For four days, from 31st May to 3rd June, RiminiWellness will be the meeting place for top Pilates experts, who once again this year will present the new products offered by the discipline during the expo.

For four days, from 31st May to 3rd June, RiminiWellness will be the meeting place for top Pilates experts, who once again this year will present the new products offered by the discipline during the expo.

Launched in the early 1900s from an idea by Joseph Pilates, this activity is currently one of the most established training system methods, particularly for its effectiveness in a postural context.

It can be carried out with the aid of various equipment, including the Reformer, Trapeze, Blackroll balls, Fitball and proprioceptiveboard, which enable to get the utmost benefit from this versatile training method.

During the thirteenth edition of the expo, organized by Italian Exhibition Group at Rimini expo centre, Genesi will allow visitors to test the new quality machines with the supervision of certified Balanced Body® instructors.It will be possible to try out the MOTR, a multifunction unit dedicated to Fitness and Pilates that is all the rage in the USA, and is suitable for cardio, tonification and physiotherapy sessions.

Another new product proposed will beBODHI, a unique unit on the wellness scenario, which launches the first suspension training system, to improve athletic qualities, carry out rehabilitation activities or challenge friends without touching the ground.

In the WPRO area at RiminiWellness2018, there will obviously be Pilates Junction, now at its ninth edition, with a wide choice of training activities and in-depth coverage by means of meetings, workshops and study of the discipline’s application.Numerous conferences will be held by the most famous professionals, who will show the public innovative exercises and practical solutions, along with the sector’s latest research to satisfy all the requests of the audience attending.

Pilates Italia, one of this discipline’s reference points in Italy, will take part in the event.Lead Instructor Trainer, Toronto-born Claudia Fink, is its ambassadress and has chosen the particular STOTT PILATES® method by Merrithew, world leader in the discipline, which features the application of modern biomechanical criteria to traditional Pilates movements.

World Pilates®, a very dynamic innovative company, will also participate in RiminiWellness2018, where it will present the three totally Italian-made lines of professional equipment it has created.

On the occasion of the exhibition, STIMAWell EMS/EMA will present Palestra 4.0:a new full-body Personal Training system that combines the two Pilates technologies:EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) and EMA (Electric Muscle Activation).This unit combines low and high training frequencies to directly activate muscle tissues.The STIMAWell-Ems technique is also used for therapeutic purposes and is a medical device for re-education and muscle recovery.

At the expo there will obviously be a stand that is 100% Italian, the result of the collaboration between Pilatech®, the independent Italian school Fisicamente Formazione® and Studio Zen Pilates.

Pilatech®, leading supplier in Italy of professional Pilates equipment, will present an absolutely new product:COLIBRÍ, the new light Reformer which, thanks to its excellent technical features, ensures excellent performance, great manageability and extreme lightness.As well as this device, the company will bring both the classicCS in legno series and the SPLIT Reformer, the most advance versatile Reformer on the market.

FisicamenteFormazione®, a school with a high international profile, will propose an ample range of Fascial Training® courses mainly addressing experts, trainers and the sector’s certified physiotherapists.On the stand, there will be Anna Maria Vitali, the only authorized Master Trainer for the Fascial Fitness® method, of which she will present the new training course, based on studies on the fascia’s role in movement.


Wellness & Leisure Group Exhibition director:Patrizia Cecchi; group brand manager:Andrea Ramberti; brand manager:Maria Elena De Iaco; Hours:from Thursday 31st May to Sunday 3rd June 2018 (trade and general public), from 9.30 am to 7.00 pm. SOUTH | WEST | EAST entrancesTickets:Full-price season ticket: €46 (valid all 4 expo days), full-price 1-day ticket: €30 (new for 2018. Also available online).Online season ticket:€33 (valid for 4 days).Info:http://www.RIMINIWELLNESS.com. Hashtag:#RW2018 #IEGEXPO #ACTIVESOUL; Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/RIMINIWELLNESS/; Twitter:@riminiwellness; Instagram:Rimini Wellness Official.