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Gemini  May 21 - June 20 : Act on your instincts and you won't go wrong, Gemini. You may need to give up control and put logical thinking aside. Let the wind take you where it will. Explore your feelings and how others influence them. It will be just about impossible to solidify any plans today. You're better off exploring options and comparing notes with others. Don't pigeonhole yourself into one way of thinking.

Cancer  June 21 - July 22 : You have the missing piece that people need in every situation today, Cancer. Engage in light conversation in social situations, and turn your charm up high. You have the ability to make favorable impressions on just about everyone, so set the day off on the right foot. Get out of bed earlier than usual and get your blood pumping with a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

Leo July 23 - Aug 22 People may want to talk a great deal, but they're avoiding their feelings today, Leo. Put your emotions on the back burner and let your mind take over. Deal with the facts and make sure your emotions don't interfere with the information you receive. Things can get clouded if you don't stay true to the communication that's taking place. Be conscious of the impact of your words.

Virgo Aug 23 - Sept 22 : You should be able to evaluate your emotions from a detached perspective today, Virgo. Use this opportunity to take action based on what you discover. Make sure your actions are based on practicality and you aren't acting rashly in response to someone else's hasty maneuvers. You will be amazed at the incredible things that develop if you think first.

Libra Sept 23Oct 22 If you're talking about another person today, Libra, don't say anything that would upset them if they were standing next to you. Gossip may run rampant, but that's no excuse to contribute to it. Be aware that what you say has a strong impact on the people around you. It's likely to spread to many more ears than you think.

Scorpio  Oct 23 - Nov 21: It's important to take action on a day like this, Scorpio. Trust yourself and your instincts. Often you have the perfect counsel for everyone but you. Keep in mind that you might have to turn to others for the best advice for you. Talk things out and then take action. Hesitation will only have negative consequences. You have all the facts you need.

Sagittarius  Nov 22 - Dec 21 : You might be unfocused and confused about which way to go, Sagittarius. Your baffled look isn't giving others much confidence in your ability to make a good decision. Don't feel obliged to stay in an unhealthy situation. It may be time to let go and break some ties to things that are no longer working for you. Feel good about extracting yourself from old habits. 

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 : Someone has just turned on the fan and papers are flying everywhere, Capricorn. The pace is picking up and you're scrambling to pick up the pieces. Stay in close communication with others today, for this will be your saving grace. You may require others' help to gather the documents that have blown across the room. Keep an eye on things so you don't lose your place.

Aquarius  Jan 20- Feb 18 : Make practical use of the thoughts you've synthesized in the last few days, Aquarius. Stretch your boundaries and extend your wisdom to the people around you. This is a day to take action. Connect with your heart and move forward with your plans. We normally think of our hearts as soft, tender, and vulnerable. Think of your heart today as tough, strong, and adventurous.

Pisces Feb 19 - March 20 : This is an important day to make valuable connections, Pisces. You will be engaged in fast-paced, witty conversations and debates from which you can learn a great deal. You're good at seeing both sides of an issue. The problem is that this can lead to indecisiveness and an inability to commit. Choose a path and stick to it.