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Sagittarius  Nov 22 - Dec 21 : 
There's apt to be tension between your heart and your general mood, Sagittarius. Your romantic nature will incline you to adopt a selfish, impatient attitude, while the prevailing tone of the day calls for peace and balance. Try to maintain an equal amount of give and take. There's enough love to go around. Don't feel like you need to be possessive in order to maintain others' loyalty.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 :
Adjustments may be in order for you to flow easily with the energy of the day, Capricorn. The prevailing tone calls for a more outwardly directed solution to all situations. You will discover that it's easy to start up new projects today, especially those involving creative or romantic elements. The tricky part will be follow-through. This is your specialty, so don't worry about it. You've got that part covered.

Aquarius  Jan 20- Feb 18 :
The prevailing tone today is a mix of conflicting energies that might put some stress on your heart. It's nothing you can't handle, Aquarius. In fact, if anyone can make the most out of today, you can. Tap into your aggressiveness and act boldly toward the object of your desire. Make sure there is harmony among those around you and everyone's needs are taken care of.

Pisces Feb 19 - March 20 :  
The key today is action, Pisces. There's a great deal of force pressuring you to get the ball rolling. One of these forces may come from a romantic interest waiting for you to make the next move. You may have many projects on the table and be unsure where to focus your energy. Don't feel like you need to concentrate on any one thing. They key is to maintain balance among all.