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Sagittarius  Nov 22 - Dec 21 : 
Matters involving communication seem to be fouled up, Sagittarius. Messages may not get delivered, emails may not go through, and people might misinterpret your words. This could create a mess that brings everything to a screeching halt. You need to speak to people directly, give detailed instructions, use simple language, and make sure they take notes, or beware of the consequences!

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 :
Your values could oppose those of a business or romantic partner today, Capricorn. One of you may be overly pragmatic and the other too idealistic. One seems callous, while the other seems to be living in a dream world. This could be a milestone in your relationship if approached properly. If you can't create a win/win situation, perhaps you should reconsider the partnership.

Aquarius  Jan 20- Feb 18 :
If you've been having trouble reaching a romantic partner, Aquarius, it might be a good idea to stop trying. Your friend is having a rough day and might not make the best company. In fact, your beloved could view a call from you as an unwelcome interruption and be short, if not downright rude. If you speak with your friend, keep it brief and plan to get together - just not today.

Pisces Feb 19 - March 20 :  
You may feel a bit restless and unsettled without really knowing why, Pisces. Stresses on the job could churn up repressed resentment from the past that you need to release. Try to discern exactly what these stresses remind you of. If you're unable to do this, however, you'll probably still reap the benefits of the release. Stay focused on your work and just let it happen.